Friday, 10 June 2011

Winter Skin Care - Cleanser

So it's now officially winter in Australia!  7 degrees in Brisbane yesterday - the lowest recorded temperature in Brisbane in history for the beginning of June.

I was at home yesterday, running my heater, reading my books under the blankets and warming up with some tea.  Bliss!  However.... my skin didn't think so.

I have an oily/sensitive skin, so in winter it stays oily but in the same time becomes sensitive (i.e. I get red patches around the nose and on my chin) and sometimes even dry.  Therefore in winter I need to take extra care of my face.

There is a product discovery I made a month ago and I already shared it on my Sofisticat page on Facebook, but also wanted to post it here for people who read my blog.  It's the best cleanser I've come across in my entire life.  It consists of oils - orange, olive, vegetable, rosemary leaf oil; also has glycerin, lanolin, aloe juice, Vit E and other goodness.  I think it's suitable for any type of skin - dry, oily, combination, normal and sensitive.  I mean - mine is sensitive and it's the best I've tried.  And it smells delicious - like fresh oranges!

What it does is it melts any makeup off your face, cleans your pores deep down and doesn't strip your skin of any natural oils. So you have perfectly cleansed skin and it doesn't feel dry (the feeling you'd get after using usual foaming cleansers).

This magical product is called Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser.
To use I apply it onto dry skin, massage over the entire face (apart from the eye zone) and remove with a hot towel.  I highly recommend using it morning and evening.

In Australia you can buy it from department stores like MYER or David Jones, Priceline and some pharmacies. It costs around $20.  For those who live in other countries, you can check out the website -

PS This is not an advertising and I'm in no way paid for this. :)  I just wanted to share a wonderful product with you guys.

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