Sunday, 20 July 2008


Мне кажется, я снова влюбилась...

Saturday, 12 July 2008

It's been a while...

I'm not a person of many words these days. I lead a single girl lifestyle now. I probably need time to adjust to it, but I can't say I don't enjoy it at all.

I enjoy my time at home, doing what I want and when i want. I'm trying to go out a bit more now and make new friends.

But more exciting - I have a very very old friend of mine from Kiev coming to see me in August! We are going to travel Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. I really look forward to seeing him, as it's been almost 10 years!

Oh yeah.. I got a new job. Starting 21 July. It seems very good - the people, the place (in the city) and the salary.. ehehehe

Monday, 2 June 2008

Fresh breeze

Ok. I've started to slowly take control over my life once again. I've been very carefree recently and let things go the way they were never supposed to. But it's never too late to pull yourself together and make some right decisions ))

So ... I've bought some new beautiful furniture for my apartment. Living room in particular. Unfortunately it's not going to be delivered until July-August, but still. I can be patient sometimes. I'm also looking to get a wonderful Italian leather lounge from Natuzzi, which will probably be the most luxurious piece of furniture at my place. OK, maybe after TV which I love. :)

I'm looking for a new job. Long story.. but never again will I work in small companies. Simply because conflicts arise easily and salary doesn't justify work. Not happy! And still have all those wonderful bills to pay.

Later in the year I plan to finally get my licence and a car. If everything goes according to my plans! I'd really love a Mini Cooper.. It's sooo cute. But will probably settle for something like Nissan Micra. I don't want to spend too much money on a car, neither do I want to be driving for long distances anyway. So something small and economical will do in the beginning.

So there you go. Everything new! New life! Can't say I'm not sad at all. Probably more than I should be, but... Life moves on and we all have to move on, even if it seems hard now.

Monday, 12 May 2008


Жизнь как океан... Бывает полный штиль, покой, умиротворение. Ты начинаешь к этому привыкать и расслабляешься, позволяя нежной воде нести тебя к берегам, как тебе кажется, счастья. Окончательно изнеженный и разбалованный покоем и балансом, ты не замечаешь грозовых туч на небе, черных и коварных, холодных и беспощадных. Океан превращается в стихию, тебя накатывают бурлящие волны и, после безутешной и бесполезной борьбы, ничего не остается, кроме как набрать полные легкие воздуха и погрузиться во тьму, время от времени ощущая дно, камни и песок, царапающий твое тело, оставляя кровавые ссадины. Это происходит очень быстро, но кажется замедленным кинофильмом, в котором самые жуткие моменты повторяются по нескольку раз, словно должны запечатлеться у тебя в памяти.

Наконец виден берег.. Да, он уже не такой солнечный и теплый, как ты думал. Но, тем не менее, он радует. Радует тем, что может хоть немного облегчить страдания и подарить покой. Пока ты, выброшенный водой, лежишь на песке, почти без сознания от происшедшего, тебя переполняют самые разнообразные мысли - зачем я вообще нырнул в этот дурацкий океан?.. куда я смотрел и чем думал, не заметив грозу?.. что дальше?.. Сомнения, жалость, стыд и страх переполняют твой разум.

Так можно лежать на холодном мокром песке до бесконечности. Или до тех пор, пока тебя не сожрут злые аборигены.

Ты медленно поднимаешься, отряхиваешься и смотришь на небо. Гроза уже ушла и волны утихли, хотя до твоего слуха до сих пор доносятся небольшие холодные всплески. Понимая, что назад дороги нет, вновь шагаешь к воде и начинаешь плыть. К тому самому берегу счастья ))

Saturday, 26 April 2008


Another chapter of my life is now officially over. When it happens, you go through all kinds of emotions - pain, sorrow, pity, guilt, irritation and anger. I think I've gone through all the stages by now, and all I want today is for everything to be over and done with. It's like a chewing gum.. no flavour left, but you keep chewing it.. and chewing it.. and... It's just better to spit it out and let some new flavours come into your mouth. Pardon for such strange comparison.

I have tried to be really understanding, nice, caring and gentle.. but.. if it works with one person, it might not work with others. This time it did not. Oh well.. If someone remembers me as a Russian bitch, so be it. The flavour is out. The end.

It is now time to get some fresh air in my lungs. To start a new chapter. A chapter with possibly a better story, more exciting. And I know it's not going to be easy for me, again struggling.. , again being slightly nervous about what the next day will bring, but it is life! And I like it! And I also know I am strong enough to get through.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Choices in our lives

What do you choose when the time comes? Do you sacrifice your wishes and freedom and select money, ability to pay bills and live happily after hours or suffer with your budget, live happily at work, create, have fun and suffer after hours?..

Second month in a row I still can't make this decision.. and rising inflation is pushing me even harder..

Monday, 24 March 2008

Ура! Ура! Ура!

Короче говоря, я наконец-то разобралась с консульской суетой и .. и.. иииии.. 2 июля я прилетаю в Киев!!! :) Ну а после - Амстердам, Санторини, Милан и, конечно же, Рим. Вообщем, я вся уже там. Сижу на чемоданах ))

Sunday, 2 March 2008

My plans and hopes

Oh.. It's been a while! I've been so busy at work, at home (ha ha) etc..

Well.. Not too much new has happened. I passed my second exam (woo hoo!) and started my third part of the Diploma, which is quite interesting - share market, brokerage and risk prognosis. I'm sure I'll be extremely smart after that :))

I'm planning my European holiday in July. Hopefully, I'll also be lucky enough to go through with the papers for my Ukrainian passport and visit my friends and motherland. I really look forward to it and can't wait...

Other than that.. not much! Looking to book my sky diving (one of my resolutions!) in the next few weeks. I need that adrenalin pumping!! Let's just hope I'll get a good (and handsome) instructor! hahahaaaa

On the bad side of things.. My best friend is leaving Australia, which makes me miserable. Which shows again - good things never last! And I just have to live with it.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My NY resolutions

This year I made two resolutions. One is to become organised again, as I got too lasy.. So lasy that I sometimes become ashamed of myself. And what do you think? I have kept to it so far :) I cleaned out my wardrobe (woo hoo! Lifeline happy!), got proactive at work and started doing rollerblading again.

And the other one .. mmmm.. I got really obsessed with it. I want to do skydiving this year! :) Wouldn't it be really exciting!!

Oh yeah.. and I still have my dream of getting a cute little Vespa. :) Nice and easy ride to work.. I want one like this

Friday, 25 January 2008


I looovvveeeeee after Christmas sales!.. And it is true what they say - shopping does release endorphins, stress goes away, day brings pleasure. hehehehee :)))

Monday, 7 January 2008

This is interesting...

По рзелульаттам илссеовадний одонго анлигйсокго унвиертисета, не иеемт занчнеия, в кокам пряокде рсапожолены бкувы в солве. Галвоне, чотбы преавя и пслоендяя бквуы блыи на мсете. Осатьлыне бкувы мгоут селдовать в плоонм бсепордяке, всё-рвано ткест чтаитсея без побрелм. Пичрионй эгото ялвятеся то,
что мы не чиатем кдаужю бкуву по отдельенотси, а всё солво цликеом!

Воистину человеческий мозг - штука загадочная :))

Sydney NYE

One of the best things we got from our trip to Sydney is uninterrupted view of spectacular fireworks on NYE. Right from our windows!

It was great to catch up with my gorgeous friend Masha and her darling :) Thanks guys! And thank for the presents which we luv! Look forward to catching up with you sometime soon.

Saturday, 5 January 2008