Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My NY resolutions

This year I made two resolutions. One is to become organised again, as I got too lasy.. So lasy that I sometimes become ashamed of myself. And what do you think? I have kept to it so far :) I cleaned out my wardrobe (woo hoo! Lifeline happy!), got proactive at work and started doing rollerblading again.

And the other one .. mmmm.. I got really obsessed with it. I want to do skydiving this year! :) Wouldn't it be really exciting!!

Oh yeah.. and I still have my dream of getting a cute little Vespa. :) Nice and easy ride to work.. I want one like this


SydneyCityGirl said...

Just hold on honey, doctors are on their way! LOL:))))

Anais said...

:)) Why? ahahaha.. I didn't do it!