Monday, 2 June 2008

Fresh breeze

Ok. I've started to slowly take control over my life once again. I've been very carefree recently and let things go the way they were never supposed to. But it's never too late to pull yourself together and make some right decisions ))

So ... I've bought some new beautiful furniture for my apartment. Living room in particular. Unfortunately it's not going to be delivered until July-August, but still. I can be patient sometimes. I'm also looking to get a wonderful Italian leather lounge from Natuzzi, which will probably be the most luxurious piece of furniture at my place. OK, maybe after TV which I love. :)

I'm looking for a new job. Long story.. but never again will I work in small companies. Simply because conflicts arise easily and salary doesn't justify work. Not happy! And still have all those wonderful bills to pay.

Later in the year I plan to finally get my licence and a car. If everything goes according to my plans! I'd really love a Mini Cooper.. It's sooo cute. But will probably settle for something like Nissan Micra. I don't want to spend too much money on a car, neither do I want to be driving for long distances anyway. So something small and economical will do in the beginning.

So there you go. Everything new! New life! Can't say I'm not sad at all. Probably more than I should be, but... Life moves on and we all have to move on, even if it seems hard now.