Monday, 28 May 2007

My skates! :)

I believe I can... kind of... fly!

I think anyone, who hasn't tried roller skating, should try. It's amazing - good fun and good exercise! :)

I spoiled myself a little bit today - went and bought a really good pair of skates. I think it's a good investment in myself. Even though it was only my second time skating, but it felt sooo good! I can now go on my own for a little while, can break a bit and develop speed. It's not as hard as it seemed to me the first time.
But really - a big NO to cheap skates. No enjoyment and a real hazard of breaking your legs.

Luv doing it by the river after work. Such a great way to unwind after a busy day :)

Let's rrrrrroll baby!!

Saturday, 12 May 2007


Today was the first time when I tried rollerblades! Whatever I was thinking before, it turned out to be much harder then I expected. I couldn't let go of Fabrizio's hand for a moment, as I was almost falling all the time. :)
Nevertheless, it was fun! I think I'll need many many many more lessons before I can rollerblade a little bit.

PS Trying not to think about tomorrow morning, when every muscle in my body will be in pain :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Happy Birthday... to me!

Feel like 22, look like 25 ( so i was told.. ha ha)

Happy Victory Day to everyone!!!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Hm... Yeah... Good luck with seeing that movie!
When we arrived at South Bank, we discovered that there was absolutely no parking. How exciting..
Turns out it's some Buddha Birthday Festival. Southbank was exploding with people! After driving around a bit we decided to come back home. Woo hoo! Saturday night! :) (yep - I'm being sarcastic)

Here I come...

I never thought I'd have my own blogger. I still think it's a quite stupid idea, but hey... I'm bored, there is nothing to do at the moment and I have to do something with myself while quitting smoking.

In Queensland we are now having a long weekend. Why? Well, it's Labour Day on Monday. It's strange - in most countries that celebrate this day, it actually comes on the 1st May. In Australia it's on the 7th. Sorry, not in Australia, but in Queensland. I don't even have any idea about the rest of Australia. Maybe they don't appreciate labor as much as we do :)

Today I decided to say a big NO to studying and went shopping. I must say - I don't do it often these days, maybe I kind of lost interest. Nevertheless, the shopping was good.

Not willing to sit at home all night, my man and I decided to go and see a movie - "Curse of the Golden Flower". I read the storyline - doesn't look too bad actually. And... to be honest.. I'm getting a little sick of a typical american movie - blood, guts, sex, drugs. I have enough stress in my life as it is.