Monday, 28 May 2007

I believe I can... kind of... fly!

I think anyone, who hasn't tried roller skating, should try. It's amazing - good fun and good exercise! :)

I spoiled myself a little bit today - went and bought a really good pair of skates. I think it's a good investment in myself. Even though it was only my second time skating, but it felt sooo good! I can now go on my own for a little while, can break a bit and develop speed. It's not as hard as it seemed to me the first time.
But really - a big NO to cheap skates. No enjoyment and a real hazard of breaking your legs.

Luv doing it by the river after work. Such a great way to unwind after a busy day :)

Let's rrrrrroll baby!!


SydneyCityGirl said...

Good for you, honey!! I wish I had your determination:-) I suck at everything that involves balance:-))) Have heaps of fun!!! xoxox

Anais said...

ha ha! If it wasn't for somebody, I'd be bruised all over by now :)