Thursday, 24 April 2008

Choices in our lives

What do you choose when the time comes? Do you sacrifice your wishes and freedom and select money, ability to pay bills and live happily after hours or suffer with your budget, live happily at work, create, have fun and suffer after hours?..

Second month in a row I still can't make this decision.. and rising inflation is pushing me even harder..


Maria said...

Do you mean the job you love (bad money) vs the job you hate (good money)? If so, add another category to it, the future factor. Think which job will take you to the ideal "good job+good money", and stick to it. Eventually it'll pay off;))

Anais said...

Hmm.. It looks like it's shit everywhere in financial planning now. Even banks are going down sacking their employees. The markets are crashing, what can you do.

Ufff.. I think I'll just stay where I am for now. ((