Monday, 20 August 2007

What's with today's female image?

I don't get it..
A few days ago I received a newsletter from some fashion store with a clearly anorexic model on the cover. I mean - even I think she is way too skinny. Those protruding bones looked scary and completely unsexy!
I think it's a shame that long gone the days of pinup girls and female curves. Girls go on some crazy diets to look like catwalk models, ruining their health.
I'm no Marilyn Monroe myself, but compared to those cover girls I'm FAT! :)

What's wrong with the fashion industry, people?..

I just hope that this summer I'll actually be able to find a dress that will not compress my almost non-existing breasts into a complete washboard. Sad..


SydneyCityGirl said...

In some tribes the image of big (read FAT) woman is still very popular. Hey, if you are fat - you actually have the food. A LOT OF FOOD!!! And men always valued wealth;-)
In our society the skinnier your body is- the wealthier you are. Why? It takes a personal trainer, nutritionist, personal chef and hell a lot more to stay in shape. Rarely, you're lucky enough to be naturally skinny. And, admit it, it's Australia. How many skinny women do you see on the streets on your way to work? Not many. Hence, the demand. Let’s see what they come up with in the next couple hundreds years. I bet on enlarged ears- men can’t stop complaining that women don’t listen to them:)))

Anais said...

But what does anorexia have to do with nutrition and sport? No, seriously - the model looked exhausted and hungry.
Plus, it's not just Australia. Even worse in Europe. Last year, when I was doing shopping in Italy and France, I couldn't buy lots of nice dresses and shirts - there were designed for women with breast size -3!
I seem to have this problem here now. Who is buying all that fashion stuff? In some designer brands size 6 shifted to 5,by the looks of it. I thought I was putting weight on, but I was wrong! ha ha.. The clothes are shrinking..
I just think it's sad. The world is becoming ugly :( Unisex.

SydneyCityGirl said...

I like model skinny:(( Skinny's good. If only I could stop eating everything in my sight... Ehh:((

Anais said...

I like slim. Kind of like Audrey Hepburn style. But whatever is skinnier that that.. hm.. :))